The Medical Editor - Medical and Scientific Editing Service

About Us

Each editor at The Medical Editor has an MD or a PhD with extensive experience editing journal articles, books, grant applications, CME materials, dissertations, and other scientific and medical documents.

  • Many of our editors are Board-Certified Editors in the Life Sciences.
  • We do not employ students (whether in a doctoral program or otherwise) to edit medical and scientific documents.
  • When you send your manuscript to The Medical Editor,  your work will be edited by someone with a broad publication background and years of experience editing and writing medical and scientific documents. This is all we do. We are full-time medical editors.

Carl Richmond is the senior editor at The Medical Editor and is responsible for all manuscripts submitted to The Medical Editor. Mr. Richmond received his training at the Yale University School of Medicine Department of Pharmacology. He has been editing medical materials since 1991.


Reviewers' judgment of the English language is frequently unreliable. Many reviewers are not native speakers of English, and unfortunately they often criticize English that is grammatically correct and well written. That is why we offer a certificate with your document (should you request it) that will attest to the fact that your manuscript has been reviewed by us.

Charitable Giving   

Each year, The Medical Editor donates 5% of its profits to Doctors without Borders, and a variety of children's charities around the globe, for food, clothing, education, and other necessities that children need. We are extremely thankful to our clients, as you are the ones who make this possible.